SENSYS is a leading provider of XBRL Product & serviceS for Corporate, Consultants & Professional dealing in to XBRL.We offer our customers more comprehensive XBRL services, more flexible delivery models, more responsive customer service, and more overall value.

Key Features:

  • 1. One Stop solution for XBRL needs
  • 2. No need to buy a software neither you need to be an expertise on XBRL.
  • 3. Clients have to give their Financial statement & rest right from tagging to the xbrl file creation will be done by us.
  • 4. A strong team of CA's who has expertise on XBRL will be doing the work.
  • 5. Our Team of Professionals will,
    • a. Analyze Documents & understanding the clients need.
    • b. Do the Mapping & Tagging.
    • c. Review & Validations
    • d. Create XBRL Instance
  • 6. Instant XBRL, a full blown xbrl software which is used by our professionals for conversion of xbrl documents for accurate & reliable outputs.
  • 7. Personalised services for Tagging, Review, Validations, Instance Documents & support in Filing with MCA.